Friday, February 21, 2014

news from my shop

Hi, everyone! Hope you are all well :) 
Here it has been a "different" couple of weeks! Last week the new sewing machine stopped working, and it took a while to have it repaired! Is working well again now, but I´ve hardly had time to tested it much.  And this week, I´ve noticed that I´ll have to change the kind of leather I ´ve been using until now, because is not available here in Chile. And as I´m almost out of stock from the leather I have from when I lived in Spain, I need to find a new one here, and is not being easy for the moment. I know I´ll find it, but I will have to re-do, re-photograph and re-list almost all the bags in the shop. At the end it will be a good thing, because I can take the chance to add all the improvements I have in mind for the bags, regarding to a better closure, reinforced structure, and the indside pockets. But in the meanwhile, is strange seeing the shop with only ready to ship items and just a few bags. 
There are also new items in the shop: a minimal woman wallet, and a canvas apron for man or woman, wich will be available on more colors too.
Well, friends, happy Friday and have a great weekend!
PS: ops! almost forgot to say, there´s a new page in this blog, as you can see in the bar in the top of the page... it´s about my favorite shops on Etsy. There are two shops by the moment, from my good friends Becca and Vera. Take a look if you have the chance! 

1. We have gone to "Zapallar" this past weekend, an amazing little town near Santiago, on the Pacific coast. 
2, 3. New items in my shop. You can see them here. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

back from holidays!

Hi, friends! Here we are back from our summer vacation since last Monday. I´ve mentioned here that we were going to the South of Argentina with part of my family for a week. Well, it has been great! Almost everyone in my family loves fishing except me, ha, ha. But I love the places where they fish, so we went fishing almost everyday and I´ve walked on the woods, simply looking, hearing, smelling, breathing that fresh air and enjoying the fact of "existing". 
Now back to work, with no holiday interruptions for a while. I have so many new ideas for my shop, that I´m beggining to develop in these days. I´ve already had the classes to know well my new sewing machine, and it has been really worthy. 
Here you have some pics from our trip. And remember: If you want to go to a really beautiful place, the surrounding area of Bariloche will be really a great choice!
Hope you enjoy your weekend, and have a happy new week! 

1-9 Spots from a fishing day in Nahuel Huapi Lake. 
10-12 Walk in the woods
13-16 So high looking at the Traful Lake. 
17-19 Rural landscapes. 
20- "Guanacos" near the road. They were waiting for us to take the picture :-)
21-28 Spots from the rural living. 
29, 30 Local crafts store
31 Such a great sensation arriving Argentina, where I´ve born and almost all my family lives. I think that is the best advantage of living here in Chile: we are able to go there in our own car (and that was obviously imposible when we were living in Spain!).