Saturday, November 29, 2014

November, where did you go??

Hello!! Hope your weekends are going well :-)
These weeks are being hectic here, rushing and rushing with so much to do in the studio. Now it´s really becoming a mess, and this time is the true truth hehe! With so much work as I have now, I´m realising that I can do so much more than what I normally do, and making real plans to go on with this new way of organising my time. So, in the middle of the "almost" chaos, I´m thinking about the new year (it´s so close) and how I would like to organise the time, house and work to be more effective, creative, organised... well, the never ending list of "things I can do better" hehe. Are you already thinking about the year we are ending and the goals for the next one too? I really love December, because invites to look back and forward at the same time, and also makes you be with both feet in the present time, as you always have so many things to do "right now". Let´s see how the review / new goals combo goes. In the meanwhile, work, work, and being thankful for the chance to work in something I like so much. 
Have a great new week! Here you have some shots from these days in the studio. 


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hello, dear all! 
I´ve been kind of "absent" here lately :-) These are days of hard work in the studio, and I´m so thankful for that and learning so much every minute. It seems that de holiday season is beggining to make my studio a messy place again. I´ve made some changes here to help "prevent" the mess and have more space and better organization. Now it seems so much bigger than before, and I also have better lighting in the sewing machine. I know that seing the picture above you may think I don´t know what mess means, but, please keep in mind that I´ve made the pic when it was just decluttered and with everything in the new position hehe! Now I´m living in a more real world, with pieces of thread, fabric and leather all around, even in my clothes AND hair :-) It does not sound nice, but this is a happy busy mess. 
I´ve been working in this place for a year already, so I´m remembering so much these same days in the past holiday season. Things have changed! The new sewing machine makes a huge difference, I´ve learned so much, and my products have improved. Happy to see that, and thankful to all my customers from all times. 
I´m also dreaming on some new lines for my shop. I want to do SO many things and my notebook is getting fat with ideas I´m writting to remember. Right now before Christmas is not the moment to do that, but I will love to grow a line of products inspired on the Andinean cultures taking advantage of my location in Chile. I´ll share a bit more about this when the moment comes. 
Thanks for reading, and hope you have a nice day!

Andinean inspiration. Knits and tools from my weaving life long ago. I need to to that again!

New Two Tone Crossbody Bag in the shop, inspired in the colors of landscapes I love from the south of Argentina and Chile.

From our last vacation in Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina. Just for you to know what I mean saying that these colors are inspiring the bag above :-) So living that place and how Nature combines colors there!