Tuesday, June 2, 2015

a little update: our visit to my brother in Switzerland

Hellooo!!! It´s been a while!! So long without appearing here, nor even to say hi! 
My last post was about comming back from summer holidays, and here we are just returning from another trip, eeekk yes, we are :) I promise I´ve been working hard between the two trips, hehe!! :)
We´ve been in Spain for some days during May. We have gone to Seville (well, a town close to Seville) for a family event, then to Madrid, and also took the chance to go to Basel (Switzerland) to visit my brother and his family and another familiar event. 
We have really enjoyed every minute, it´s been awesome. Being in Seville we saw many friends, and our family by my husband´s side, then in Madrid more friends, and in Switzerland, my brother´s family. Here we have a few picks from Switzerland, hope you enjoy :)

We went for a walk on our first afternoon there. In the pic my hubby, my brother and his kids. I´m behind the camera, and my sister in law stayed at home finishing the cake for the following day :)
In the following picture, this was a place where you could buy the flowers growing there. Each variety has it´s price, and you could pick the flowers you want and then leave the money there in a tin. 

Right above, the neighborhood close to my brother´s, and "the smiling house" which was so funny! 
And the bag I´ve made for my 10 year old niece as a gift, she loved it! :)

Last but not least and regarding to work, I´ve finally added some leather bags in my shop, yay! I´ve found a leather that I love here in Santiago, and I´m really liking this new kind of bags. 

Thanks for visiting, have a great week!