Friday, March 28, 2014

leather working

leather sewing machine

leather tote bag and herringbone wool pouch

Hi Friends!
I´ve been wanting to make a leather bag since I have the new sewing machine, and I did it this week. I really like the result! Now I´ll test it for a prutential time before listing them in the shop. Ooohhh, such a pity... I´ll have to keep this one for me! :-)
I would like to start working more with leather, adding some more to my products little by little. 

handmade wool sweaters

Stocking for winter here in the South Hemisphere. These are two new sweaters that my mother made for me with her knitting machine while I was in Buenos Aires a couple of weeks ago. Look at those pockets, I love them! 

sweater from Wearlovenow scarf and hat from VeraJayne

And still stocking for winter... I have this new sweater from WearLoveNow, and these new scarf and hat from VeraJayne, two of my favorite Esty shops. I´m so happy with both purchases, they are much more beautiful than in the pictures! You can visit WearLoveNow here, and VeraJayne here.  
Well, dear friends, hope you have a happy weekend!

Friday, March 21, 2014

some new stuff

Hi Friends! 
Thank you so much for being there, reading my blog :) Let me intoduce you to some new tools in my studio: a starp cutter, stamps for leather, and stamps for making my business cards. Oh, yes... I know you may be wondering how did I do without this before. To be honest.... I´m wondering the same, ha! As an excuse, I can say that the leather strap cutter was really expensive in Spain, and that I wanted my business cards to be handmade, so I´ve found my self writing tons of cards before I could realise. Now the cards are still being handmade, but not hand written. And I´m also cutting the straps without measuring each milimetre, so I can save so much time. 

I´ve already used the leather stamps in a little gift for a dear friend. Shhh.... she doesn´t receive it yet! :)

And finally, there are tons of new bags in the shop this week. Many of them are "one of a kind" or "limited edition". I´m making those ones with just a few units, because I have some fabric from when I lived in Spain that I really like and want to use! It´s a pity I can´t make more of those, but the good side is that my customers will have a really really really special bag. 
Well, I better say good bye... hope you have a great weekend! Happy spring for all of you up there in the North, and happy autumn for all of us down here in the South :-)

Monday, March 17, 2014

working + fast trip

Hello, Friends!
There's been a while since my last post ... you may be probably thinking I've forgot I have a blog, but I did not, and here I am :-)
During these weeks I've been searching for the new leather, I've found it, and I've been testing and making a new edición of my bags. I've told here before I wanted to make some changes, like sturdier handles and straps, and reinforced structure. I´ve had designed this new edición before starting "making" nothing,  but it was improved while I was with both hands on the work, much more than what I planned before starting. It always happens the same to me: when I'm really "making" something, I have a better idea, or I realise I can do something in a better way. And there´s an extra fact I always consider, and is that almost all of my customers are overseas: that makes me want my bags to be really light. This way the shipping will be a bit cheaper, and they will be more confortable to wear too. Well, the new edition will be finally available in the shop this week.
Appart from work, I've been away from home last week, in a short trip to Buenos Aires to visit my family. We are also enjoying an increíble weather here, with sunny days and nice temperatures... summer is turning softer while it says good bye. Thanks God we have autumn, because I'm not ready for winter yet!
Well Friends, hope you all have a good week!

1. my favorite corner in the studio.
2. leather stock, the new one and some of the old one.
3,4. work in progress    
5. new magnetic closure system for the bags + zippered inside pocket.
6. ready to be photographed   
7. arriving to Buenos Aires last week. 
8. I´ve been in a coffee shop called "Gratitude" near Buenos Aires. The paper table cloth says "and you... what are you grateful for today?". I loved it!