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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

summer...and back to work

Hi, everyone! Hope you are well, January has already gone, and we are close to mid February, OMG time flies and flies! I´m back at work in the studio with the sewing machine finally repaired woo-hoo! Really happy to be back, but I can also see that my time off have been so good... I didn´t realise I was really needing a rest after the holiday season in my shop :-) So, the machine incident had it´s positive side too because now I´m back so fresh and with new strenght and ideas. There are some new bags in my shop, and I´m working on some more too, I hope they will be in my shop in march. 
Here you have some pictures from the past month that we´ve gone to the beach a couple of times, the new bags in my shop, and new beanies at KnittingWinters, my mom´s shop. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

happy birthday to my shop, two years!

Today my shop makes two years since the first opening, and I´m not sure about the way I feel about this!  I have many different feelings, all of them based on the fact that I´m happy with my work. For one side, it seems to me that I´ve always been making bags and selling on Etsy, and for the other side I can´t hardly believe my shop has two years YET!! 
More opposite feelings are for one side seeing how my shop has grown during these two years, and on the other side seeing more ways to grow and things I need to lern, understand and most of all "do" to help my little business grow. Those will be never ending tasks, I guess. 

Two years ago while my shop was opened, we were living in Madrid, one year after that, (on the first anniversary) we were just arrived to Chile, and now we are making a year here already. I´ve also had to close "on vacation" several months for different reasons like moving from Spain to Chile, travels to visit family and weddings, etc etc. But I´m happy seing how my shop have grown, and so thankful because I had the chance to start it. I´m also really thankful to all my customers from the begginings, because they supported my work then, and allow me to develop my products which are so much better now compared with the first ones. I would like to write a letter to each of them saying "thank you so much again", but I don´t want to seem spammy... So, if you are one of them or you know someone, please say thanks for me :-) And of course I´m thankful to all my customers from now too because they are still supporting my work, and all of you who are reading my posts, even if I become a little philosophical sometimes (like this one!). 
Hope you are having a nice week :-) 
PS: Oh, my....I´ve just realised that this blog has also made a year yet and I didn´t even notice. No doubt, time flies!

I´ve been in action in the studio again this month, after a long vacation. 

These are some of the "so many" new bags in my shop. I´ve added the zip totes (finallyyyy!)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

after the rain


Hello, dear all! 
We can finally say that the winter is here, and that we´ve had a real rain! We were hoping the rain would clean the air some, and yesterday, it really did so. Today the mountains have shown us all their beauty, so full of snow and clearly seen from the city. 
This past month I´ve been working on many new items, and some custom orders, and also searching for new materials and tools. I´ve found a new kind of leather that I´m loving and can´t wait to try, lets see if I have the chance soon! 
In the pictures above you can see some views I´ve taken today on a short  trip just enjoying the views, some of the new items in the shop, and a bit of home life. I finally added more aprons in the shop, and still have some waiting to be photographed and published.
Well, Friends, hope you are enjoying the change of the season to summer in the North, or winter here in the South. See you soon! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

some new stuff

Hi Friends! 
Thank you so much for being there, reading my blog :) Let me intoduce you to some new tools in my studio: a starp cutter, stamps for leather, and stamps for making my business cards. Oh, yes... I know you may be wondering how did I do without this before. To be honest.... I´m wondering the same, ha! As an excuse, I can say that the leather strap cutter was really expensive in Spain, and that I wanted my business cards to be handmade, so I´ve found my self writing tons of cards before I could realise. Now the cards are still being handmade, but not hand written. And I´m also cutting the straps without measuring each milimetre, so I can save so much time. 

I´ve already used the leather stamps in a little gift for a dear friend. Shhh.... she doesn´t receive it yet! :)

And finally, there are tons of new bags in the shop this week. Many of them are "one of a kind" or "limited edition". I´m making those ones with just a few units, because I have some fabric from when I lived in Spain that I really like and want to use! It´s a pity I can´t make more of those, but the good side is that my customers will have a really really really special bag. 
Well, I better say good bye... hope you have a great weekend! Happy spring for all of you up there in the North, and happy autumn for all of us down here in the South :-)

Friday, February 21, 2014

news from my shop

Hi, everyone! Hope you are all well :) 
Here it has been a "different" couple of weeks! Last week the new sewing machine stopped working, and it took a while to have it repaired! Is working well again now, but I´ve hardly had time to tested it much.  And this week, I´ve noticed that I´ll have to change the kind of leather I ´ve been using until now, because is not available here in Chile. And as I´m almost out of stock from the leather I have from when I lived in Spain, I need to find a new one here, and is not being easy for the moment. I know I´ll find it, but I will have to re-do, re-photograph and re-list almost all the bags in the shop. At the end it will be a good thing, because I can take the chance to add all the improvements I have in mind for the bags, regarding to a better closure, reinforced structure, and the indside pockets. But in the meanwhile, is strange seeing the shop with only ready to ship items and just a few bags. 
There are also new items in the shop: a minimal woman wallet, and a canvas apron for man or woman, wich will be available on more colors too.
Well, friends, happy Friday and have a great weekend!
PS: ops! almost forgot to say, there´s a new page in this blog, as you can see in the bar in the top of the page... it´s about my favorite shops on Etsy. There are two shops by the moment, from my good friends Becca and Vera. Take a look if you have the chance! 

1. We have gone to "Zapallar" this past weekend, an amazing little town near Santiago, on the Pacific coast. 
2, 3. New items in my shop. You can see them here. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

this Holiday season

Hi Friends!
I can finally say the Christmas season is over in my shop. I have the last three packages ready to be shipped tomorrow, wew! The lady in the Post Office will become my best friend soon, we are seeing each other so often lately :) 
These last two weeks have been crazy here, and has been great for the shop. So much better than the last year and than what I expected, so, thank you so much for your support! 
We are leaving soon to spend holidays with part of our family, so I can´t sew again until I came back. Everything is in it´s place in the studio, and after the two craziest weeks since I opened my shop, I can´t recognize it being so quiet and tidy. 
Hope you can have a moment to stop craziness of the working days to enjoy these days with your family, or the ones you love. Christmas always makes me think about peace and hope, and I really want to enjoy it once again! So thankful for another Christmas approaching :-)
Well, Friends, hope you have a nice day!! 

1, 2. The only washi-tape remaining after the Holiday Season, and I had to make those two packages yet! You better don´t think I´m a genious to calculate the amount of materials I need ... it has been almost a miracle having enough!
3. Some new bags in the shop