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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

summer...and back to work

Hi, everyone! Hope you are well, January has already gone, and we are close to mid February, OMG time flies and flies! I´m back at work in the studio with the sewing machine finally repaired woo-hoo! Really happy to be back, but I can also see that my time off have been so good... I didn´t realise I was really needing a rest after the holiday season in my shop :-) So, the machine incident had it´s positive side too because now I´m back so fresh and with new strenght and ideas. There are some new bags in my shop, and I´m working on some more too, I hope they will be in my shop in march. 
Here you have some pictures from the past month that we´ve gone to the beach a couple of times, the new bags in my shop, and new beanies at KnittingWinters, my mom´s shop. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

warm gifts

Hi, Folks! I wanted to share with you this selection of warm gifts I´ve found on Etsy and I would like to have and also to give. Don´t you want to make a warm gift for somebody you love?  You can find here some for woman, and some for kids. If you are a knitter, you can find also some knitting patterns and a tote for you to carry your knits. Enjoy! 
Hope you have a great weekend :-)

From top to bottom and left to right, you can see these items better by clicking on the name of the shop. 
1. Green cowl, by SofiaSobeide
2. Grey infinity Scarf, by BeautiefullThings
3. Infinity Scarf, by Mosgos
4. Chunky Hat and Cowl, by Accessodium
5. Blue hat, by FallCode
6. Knitting pattern, by hilaryfrazier
7. Chunky Cowl, by MayBeTheWhiteDog
8. Knitting Tote, by Ozetta
9. Beige Pom Pom hat, by ShopLaLune
10. Hooded scarf, by Muza
11. knitting Pattern, by TortillaGirl
12. Chunky knit hay, by YarnPlusYarn

1. Crochet pattern, by TheVelvetAcorn
2. Kids cowl, by VeraJayne
3. Knitting pattern hat and cowl, by KatyTricot
4. Kids hat, by Ingugu
5. Toddler crochet cowl, by TheHouseofHemp
6. Child scarf, by kindredoak
7. Knit baby hat, by MarumaKids
8. Toddler´s spring hat, by MondoRotondo.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

queuing to be sewn

Hi! I´ve been making some order yesterday and now I have this fabrics where I can see them. I want to sew them as soon as I have the chance (and before summer ends here!). Usually when I have a fabric I don´t wait to sew it, but this time was different because we moved in July from north summer to south they are still waiting :-)
Do you have crafts in a queue? 
Xo, have a nice day! 

1. Blue cotton fabric with white butterflies, I bought it in Buenos Aires, while visiting family. 
2, 3. Blue and white stripes and the one from the right, I bought them in Madrid, in Rives y Casals. If you ever go to Madrid, that shop is amazing for sewing lovers. You can visit their web page by clicking here
4, 5. Multicolor triangles, and blue with white flowers, I´ve bought them on Etsy, in the shop "The Delhi Store". The quality is amazing, I´ve washed them to avoid size changes after sewing and they did not loose a even bit of color. You can visit that shop by clicking here.
6. Beige background with flowers. Is a birthday gift from my mother, she bought it on Etsy too, in the shop "SonSu". Love the quality and texture of this fabric. You can visit this shop by clicking here
7. The one on the right in vertical position is a dress I have to change a bit.