Tuesday, February 10, 2015

summer...and back to work

Hi, everyone! Hope you are well, January has already gone, and we are close to mid February, OMG time flies and flies! I´m back at work in the studio with the sewing machine finally repaired woo-hoo! Really happy to be back, but I can also see that my time off have been so good... I didn´t realise I was really needing a rest after the holiday season in my shop :-) So, the machine incident had it´s positive side too because now I´m back so fresh and with new strenght and ideas. There are some new bags in my shop, and I´m working on some more too, I hope they will be in my shop in march. 
Here you have some pictures from the past month that we´ve gone to the beach a couple of times, the new bags in my shop, and new beanies at KnittingWinters, my mom´s shop. 


  1. Beautiful from top to bottom! It always helps to take a break...nothing betther than getting that MoJo back in full force!!

  2. Thank you so much, Jayne!! I totally agree with you, nothing better than being back with full force and fresh perspective! :-)
    Hugs to you, xoxo


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