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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

summer...and back to work

Hi, everyone! Hope you are well, January has already gone, and we are close to mid February, OMG time flies and flies! I´m back at work in the studio with the sewing machine finally repaired woo-hoo! Really happy to be back, but I can also see that my time off have been so good... I didn´t realise I was really needing a rest after the holiday season in my shop :-) So, the machine incident had it´s positive side too because now I´m back so fresh and with new strenght and ideas. There are some new bags in my shop, and I´m working on some more too, I hope they will be in my shop in march. 
Here you have some pictures from the past month that we´ve gone to the beach a couple of times, the new bags in my shop, and new beanies at KnittingWinters, my mom´s shop. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

happy May!!

Hello, Friends!! It´s been a while since my last post! 
April has gone and I can´t believe it. It´s been a busy month, and so good for my shop, I´m so thankful for that. I was really busy at the begining of April with some new products I wanted to add to the shop, but I´ve had to park all that on corner because of many orders that I had to make first. I hope I´ll can finish the new stuff during this month and they will be available in the shop soon.  I´m saying good bye little by little to the fabrics I have from when I lived in Spain, they are going to be sold out in some more time. So, I´m thinking and searching for new materials here in Chile, and I have a messy mix of ideas in my mind right now. 
Hope you´ve had a good April and you will have a great May! See you soon, have a nice weekend! 

 1- me and my "new" sewing machine, I´m loving it!
 2 - Fall outside my window. 
 3 - The World Map Totes are sold out, they have gone around the world looking for a new life. 
 4 - New labels in my products. Hand cutted, hand printed, well, all hand made by me :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

this week

Hi, everyone! This past week has been plenty of work because I made and shipped all orders placed during our trip to Spain for Christmas. It seems to me that Christmas has been six month ago instead of less than a month, don´t you feel the same? We´ll be on hollidays again next week, we are going to the south of Argentina, to spend a few days with part of my family. We just came back from Spain, but as we are in summer here in the South hemisphere, we will be away for a week :) So all orders placed during next week will be shipped when I come back. 

I ´ve had an order from a good friend, that has been the starting point to improve the bags for a better closing. This new edition of the bags will be added to the shop soon. During holidays, I´ll be thinking a bit about work taking advantage of the calm without having to sew... I need to organise my mind for the next collection I have in mind, which I have no time to create when I´m working on orders. 

About the new sewing machine, I´ll have the classes when I return. I asked in the store about that noise it makes all the time, and they told it is normal. Well, "normal" because the machine is new, luckily it will be silent with using! 
Well, Friends, hope you are having a great start for this year, see you soon! 

Some pics from the studio this week. I´ve received the best belated Christmas greeting card ever, from one of my little nieces, Cata :-) Those kind of gifts you treasure for ever...

Monday, January 13, 2014

new sewing machine!

Hi, Friends!! 
I´m glad to introduce you my new sewing machine, arrived last Friday! It weighs 80 kgs, the poor men (2 of them) almost died bringing it upstairs.... then they drank two glasses of water each! I have to go to the store to have some classes, because this will be like knowing how to ride a bike and suddenly having to drive a truck. The machine is really really fast, and I can´t even imagine how will I do to make straight seams. I feel like a 5 year old girl with a new world around! I also need to check out in the store if everything is ok...because when I turn it "on" it begans making noises like a plane about to take off. It can´t be normal ... and if it IS normal, I´ll have to move to an industrial neiborhood, ha ha. No, it won´t be neccesary, the machine was silent when I tried it in the store. 
This week is gonna be full of work here, hope you have a nice week around there! 

PS: ops! forgot to tell you that I have a new blog in Spanish linked to this one! I wanted to be readable for my Spanish speaking customers and friends, so I decided to create a new blog to avoid making translations in each post here... personally I do not like much blogs with two languages, so I´ve created another one to separate Spanish and English writing. The contents will be the same for both blogs... because I have just one life for living (I know, I´m not original with that) and I need to save some creativity for my bags :) 

1. new sewing machine
2, 3, 4. cutting and cutting hangover
5. testing
6. the Christmas gift I´ve liked the most ... so useful for me!
7. arugula, leek, celery and apple... delicious! love that table cloth made by my sister, and love that plate from "La Cartuja de Sevilla" (

Friday, December 6, 2013

christmas wishes

Hi, Friends! Christmas is only three weeks away! So this weekend is the best one to write Christmas wishes greeting friends and family. I love writting my greeting cards, because I´m really thinking on what I truly wish for the people I love...and for the whole world! Things like peace on earth, love, and joy to the world ... are things that can seem utopical sometimes,  but writting them on a note to somebody is a great chance to remeber they are so real and they really matter. It always happens to me in this season that I truly want to remember that saying of "the more important things in life are not things". 
Well Friends, I better leave you thinking about your Christmas wishes before I become even more philosophical, he he. Here you can see some greeting cards I have found on Etsy and I really like!
Hope you enjoy the weekend!! And also hope you find a moment to write down your greetings!

You can see them better by clicking on the name of each shop :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

queuing to be sewn

Hi! I´ve been making some order yesterday and now I have this fabrics where I can see them. I want to sew them as soon as I have the chance (and before summer ends here!). Usually when I have a fabric I don´t wait to sew it, but this time was different because we moved in July from north summer to south they are still waiting :-)
Do you have crafts in a queue? 
Xo, have a nice day! 

1. Blue cotton fabric with white butterflies, I bought it in Buenos Aires, while visiting family. 
2, 3. Blue and white stripes and the one from the right, I bought them in Madrid, in Rives y Casals. If you ever go to Madrid, that shop is amazing for sewing lovers. You can visit their web page by clicking here
4, 5. Multicolor triangles, and blue with white flowers, I´ve bought them on Etsy, in the shop "The Delhi Store". The quality is amazing, I´ve washed them to avoid size changes after sewing and they did not loose a even bit of color. You can visit that shop by clicking here.
6. Beige background with flowers. Is a birthday gift from my mother, she bought it on Etsy too, in the shop "SonSu". Love the quality and texture of this fabric. You can visit this shop by clicking here
7. The one on the right in vertical position is a dress I have to change a bit.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

gifts from Latin America

Hi Folks! 
Yesterday I´ve listed in the shop the bag you can see in the picture in burgundy and off white...and then I realised I definitely want one for my personal use next winter! I would love to combine it with my "never stop wearing" burgundy shoes (Camper) and beige wool jacket (Benetton). People says is better having accessories in neutral colors, to be able to combine them sounds reasonable! But in my case, when I have something I like, I combine it with everything for years and becomes my "never stop wearing" :-)
Here you can see some stuff I found on Etsy, from other Latin American shops...a bit for the home, a bit for wearing, it all can perfectly combine with my bag! They can also be that perfect gift you are looking for this Christmas, don´t you think? 
You can see them better by clicking on the name of the shop, take a look and enjoy! 
Have a nice day :-)

1. wool hat, from MitiMota
2. circle scarf, from texturable
3. knitted coin purse, from knitBranda
4. ceramic cup, from MiriHardyPottery
5. knot ring, from indiaylaluna
6. notebook, from GalaBorn
7. gift tags, from 464Handmade
8. Tote bag, from my own etsy shop.

welcome, December!

Incredible but true, December is here! 
Last week literally went away without notice. Time should settle down a bit! December should be a good moment to settle down, because of Christmas and the end of another year. Crazy month plenty of things to do, but really deserves to be apreciated! Hope you enjoy this great month! 

1. some new bags in the shop
2. nice stuf around here
3. tiny paper moons are born while I work
4. love this outfit for this bag
5. last week I decided I needed a pic of me being serious for my profile. I wanted to look more professional, ha! I definitely couldn´t. But has to be said that the photographer laughed more than me!

Monday, November 25, 2013

a little up date

Hi Friends!! Happy Monday and new week! Hope you´ve had a great weekend. Last week has been pretty busy here, sewing and more sewing! I´m making new items for the shop that hope I´ll be listing soon, and also sewing some orders to be shipped. I have many new ideas for new bags... I would like to add some backpacks to the shop and also some smaller bags. 
My sewing machine is behaving well, but is making some strange noises :( I think I´m forcing it a bit...too much work for a tiny machine...may be after Christmas I can invest in another one bigger and sturdier. 
Here you can see a few snaps from work last week and a bit more just around here.  
Have a nice week! xo! 



1. some weekend knitting, trying new cotton yarn
2. my favorite corner in the house is not a this chair that belonged to my husband grandma. there is where I knit when I knit.
3. the studio in order, it happens just during the weekends
4-7 work

8. ready to go!  

Monday, November 18, 2013


Hi, Friends! 
Hard day of work here, but...all packaged and ready to ship, whew!!
Have a happy week :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

gifts for your workspace

Hi, Folks! I would love to show you a few of my favorite things on Etsy, that I would love to have in my studio! My work space is just great, but could be more organised, functional and beautiful at the same time with this stuff, don´t you think? They can also be that perfect gift you are looking for in this season :)
Below the picture you can find a link to each shop...enjoy and take a look!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Industrial parts cabinet in green, from TheWhitePepper 
Vintage wooden storage box, from whiteDogVintage
Hand typed quote, from farmflea
Small paper tags, from PerrodinSupplyCo
Apron, from meyertextileco
Wall clock, from DesignAtelierArticle
Paper Twine, from PaperPhine
Pincushion, from SeaPinks
Desk organizer, from lessandmore
Planter, from NystromGoods
Hanging light, from lucentlampworks
Twing pencils, from Inkkit

Friday, November 15, 2013

home sweet home

Hi Friends! Hope you are ok! I´ve been away this week, visiting my family in Argentina. We´ve had great family time, with spring days, blue skies and flowers everywhere. Feeling home there, and also here now that I´m back in Chile.  
Here I give you some "home feeling" pictures, and one I´ve made while we were flying over The Andes. It was such an amazing view that it´s almost a crime showing that pic here, it doesn´t illustrate almost anything, nature can be just amazing! 
I´ve used my cinnamon brown waxed canvas tote for the trip, and it worked great:  so comfortable to use, really roomy and sturdy! 
Hope you have a great weekend!