Thursday, July 31, 2014

Saturday escape

Hi, everyone! Hope your week is going well :-) 
Life is being so normal here so we don´t have anything really new to tell you, but I wanted to share with you some pics from our escape to Zapallar last Saturday. I´ve realised that we are almost always going to the same place for our "just one day" escapes, so it´s time to try other places as we are close to make a year living here :-) The only matter is that Zapallar is really a nice place and quite close, like two hours driving or a little less. 
In the pictures you can see some of the amazing nature there, and there is also one of the advice of "risk of Tsunami" uuuhhh, scary! As Chile is a land with frequent earthquakes, you can see those announcements almost all along the coast. In other of the pictures you will see that      I´ve taken with me the first 100% leather bag I made, wich I´m testing with my own use before making more and offering them in the shop (by the way, I´m really loving it!). 
Well, friends, hope you have a great start of August! 
See you soon, hopefully with some pics of the so many new bags I´m working in. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

another month is gone!

Hi, there! I can´t believe how the months fly away, and that we are almost at the end of July, wow! This past month has been plenty of stuff, so many different things have happened. I´ve been working normally until the last week of June, when I´ve gone to Buenos Aires to be there with my family by my birthday, and for the Baptism of my nephew (and godson!). It´s been so good, because since we went to live to Spain we have never been there for my birthday. And...the candles were 40 this year, ops! But, don´t worry, nothing happened, ha ha! Despite my siblings say I´m "in the oven" (an argentinean way for saying that you are almost over, ha ha) no crisis has arrived yet and I´m feeling just great. And, my birthday has been on winter time again instead of in the Spanish summer. I´ve really enjoyed those days in Buenos Aires so much...Ah! and it was our anniversary too, and I´ve been sick for ten days, wow, so many things this month!
Now back to normal rithm of work, and I´m ready to reopen my shop again on Monday. 
In the pics below you can see a bit from work here in the studio before my trip, then some shots of daily living at Buenos Aires, and a few spots from a walk around there. Above you can see a zip tote I´ve made as a gift for my mom´s birthday and I really like!
Hope you have a great weekend!