Monday, June 16, 2014

some studio shots

 Hello, dear all! Weather has been kind of crazy during the past week, as we had rainy really dark days and also some sunny bright ones when we almost believe we were in the middle of the spring intead of beggining the winter. My studio doesn´t seem the same place and changes so much depending on the light the pictures above you have some spots from my workspace, and what I see if I take a look outside de window. 
Well, friends, hope you have a good start for this new week! See you soon :-)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

after the rain


Hello, dear all! 
We can finally say that the winter is here, and that we´ve had a real rain! We were hoping the rain would clean the air some, and yesterday, it really did so. Today the mountains have shown us all their beauty, so full of snow and clearly seen from the city. 
This past month I´ve been working on many new items, and some custom orders, and also searching for new materials and tools. I´ve found a new kind of leather that I´m loving and can´t wait to try, lets see if I have the chance soon! 
In the pictures above you can see some views I´ve taken today on a short  trip just enjoying the views, some of the new items in the shop, and a bit of home life. I finally added more aprons in the shop, and still have some waiting to be photographed and published.
Well, Friends, hope you are enjoying the change of the season to summer in the North, or winter here in the South. See you soon!