Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas time again!!

Hello, everyone! 
Whew and phew, the holiday season is over in my shop, and I´m on vacation mode since yesterday. Well, my shop is on vacation, but I keep running before going to Buenos Aires to spend the Holidays with my family. It will be great to be at my homeland for Christmas after three years in other places, but we will also miss our family from Spain and wish we could be everywhere at the same time. 
This holiday season have been c-r-a-z-y in my shop, and I´m amazed about that and so thankful to my amazing customers and my really supportive family and friends, they are all simply the best. 
Hope you all have a good final preparation for Christmas, and that you treasure good moments with your beloved ones. I need to start thinking again about this year, the good and not so good stuff it has had, what I´ve learned, what I´m thankful for,...etc etc, AND new goals for the next year. Not just about work, but about every aspect of life. Hard thing to do during these crazy days before the Holidays, but, worthy! 
Have a merry merry Christmas, thanks for reading, and see you next year!!
PS: Just in time! I´ve received this video from a good Friend from Madrid while I was writting this post. Kids singing always almost make me want to cry, hehe please mind I said "almost", hehe. I´ve really liked it so here you have a Christmas song played by tons of lovely kids and people, Michael´s Card Immanuel. 

You can find this video in youtube here:

Saturday, December 6, 2014

city rides

The last two weekends we discovered a neighborhood in the city that we did not know yet, and it is really nice! We are living here in Santiago since one year and a half, but as we like to get out of the city everytime we can, we have neglected a bit this of knowing the city where we are living. But we are ending the weeks really tired lately, so we are having quiet weekends in town, and it helped us to know (and enjoy) this new neighborhood we´ve never been before. It is called "Barrio Italia" (meaning "Italy neighborhood), there are so many coffee shops, restaurants and small independent business. Many vintage sellers too, it is full of furniture and messy stuff in the streets. Here you have some pics of our new and "almost favorite" place to go for a ride in town. Have a happy new week!!