Tuesday, December 24, 2013

merry Christmas!

Hi, dearest Friends! Hope you all have had a Merry Christmas! In addition to saying "Merry Christmas", I wanted to thank you for being there supporting my work. I can work today in what I like the most, because you are there, so ... big thanks to you all! 
Here you have some spots of these days, when we are in Spain visiting part of our family. 
Happy holidays! 

2. Over The Andes, between Chile and Argentina
3-6. Winter morning in Madrid. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

warm gifts

Hi, Folks! I wanted to share with you this selection of warm gifts I´ve found on Etsy and I would like to have and also to give. Don´t you want to make a warm gift for somebody you love?  You can find here some for woman, and some for kids. If you are a knitter, you can find also some knitting patterns and a tote for you to carry your knits. Enjoy! 
Hope you have a great weekend :-)

From top to bottom and left to right, you can see these items better by clicking on the name of the shop. 
1. Green cowl, by SofiaSobeide
2. Grey infinity Scarf, by BeautiefullThings
3. Infinity Scarf, by Mosgos
4. Chunky Hat and Cowl, by Accessodium
5. Blue hat, by FallCode
6. Knitting pattern, by hilaryfrazier
7. Chunky Cowl, by MayBeTheWhiteDog
8. Knitting Tote, by Ozetta
9. Beige Pom Pom hat, by ShopLaLune
10. Hooded scarf, by Muza
11. knitting Pattern, by TortillaGirl
12. Chunky knit hay, by YarnPlusYarn

1. Crochet pattern, by TheVelvetAcorn
2. Kids cowl, by VeraJayne
3. Knitting pattern hat and cowl, by KatyTricot
4. Kids hat, by Ingugu
5. Toddler crochet cowl, by TheHouseofHemp
6. Child scarf, by kindredoak
7. Knit baby hat, by MarumaKids
8. Toddler´s spring hat, by MondoRotondo.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

this Holiday season

Hi Friends!
I can finally say the Christmas season is over in my shop. I have the last three packages ready to be shipped tomorrow, wew! The lady in the Post Office will become my best friend soon, we are seeing each other so often lately :) 
These last two weeks have been crazy here, and has been great for the shop. So much better than the last year and than what I expected, so, thank you so much for your support! 
We are leaving soon to spend holidays with part of our family, so I can´t sew again until I came back. Everything is in it´s place in the studio, and after the two craziest weeks since I opened my shop, I can´t recognize it being so quiet and tidy. 
Hope you can have a moment to stop craziness of the working days to enjoy these days with your family, or the ones you love. Christmas always makes me think about peace and hope, and I really want to enjoy it once again! So thankful for another Christmas approaching :-)
Well, Friends, hope you have a nice day!! 

1, 2. The only washi-tape remaining after the Holiday Season, and I had to make those two packages yet! You better don´t think I´m a genious to calculate the amount of materials I need ... it has been almost a miracle having enough!
3. Some new bags in the shop

Sunday, December 15, 2013

these days

Hi, Friends! Hope you´ve had (or may be are still having) a nice weekend and you have a great new week! There are just 9 days for Christmas! 

1. My favorites that I use everyday. Some of them are available now in the shop, some will be available really soon. I just wanted to test them in the "real life" to check if they needed some improvements before offering them in the shop. 
2. Morning light.
3. On my ride for materials. 
4. Contrasts. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

work + joy

Hi, Friends! This week is being a busy one! So much to do in the middle of Christmas rush. My shop has had so many orders this week, more than ever before! So happy for that :-) 
Hope you are having a nice week, here you have some spots from here around!

1. I can´t avoid taking a minute to enjoy these blue skies while I walk to the post office. I understand if somebody thinks I´m pretty crazy... if I see somebody charging as many boxes as possible, stopping and staying looking "nothing" in the sky I would probably think the same, ha!
2, 3 work.
4. I have gone to the post office almost everyday this week :-)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas in summer

Today I found my self remembering when I first went to live to Spain, when the first Christmas was approaching.  People was amazed about Christmas in summer here in the south... ha ha, and it was so normal for me! Well, normal...we should ask Santa how it feels to have such a warm coat with such a hot here. I´ve thought about all this when I saw the Christmas tree almost through my lemonade (yes, lemonade and the Christmas tree can be good friends here!). So, it really doesn´t matter if it´s summer or winter, is Christmas and that´s it! 
By the way, I´m working really hard this week, there are pieces of thread and fabric all over the studio, and all over my pants and t-shirt...this is really a mess, but a happy one! 
Hope you are having a great week, keep warm if you are in the north, and have some lemonade if you are here in the south :-)

Monday, December 9, 2013

16 days for Christmas

Hi, there!! Here is another week to live, while working, enjoying and preparing our selves for Christmas! So happy for another week. 
We definitely are with Christmas mode switched "on". We´ve already built our tree and nativity scene yesterday (our tradition is to prepare the house for Christmas on December the 8th). I´ve found some handmade Christmas ornaments I´ve made some years ago while my mother was visiting us in Seville, and I had totally forgotten we had them! 
Happy new week all of you! :-)

Friday, December 6, 2013

christmas wishes

Hi, Friends! Christmas is only three weeks away! So this weekend is the best one to write Christmas wishes greeting friends and family. I love writting my greeting cards, because I´m really thinking on what I truly wish for the people I love...and for the whole world! Things like peace on earth, love, and joy to the world ... are things that can seem utopical sometimes,  but writting them on a note to somebody is a great chance to remeber they are so real and they really matter. It always happens to me in this season that I truly want to remember that saying of "the more important things in life are not things". 
Well Friends, I better leave you thinking about your Christmas wishes before I become even more philosophical, he he. Here you can see some greeting cards I have found on Etsy and I really like!
Hope you enjoy the weekend!! And also hope you find a moment to write down your greetings!

You can see them better by clicking on the name of each shop :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

queuing to be sewn

Hi! I´ve been making some order yesterday and now I have this fabrics where I can see them. I want to sew them as soon as I have the chance (and before summer ends here!). Usually when I have a fabric I don´t wait to sew it, but this time was different because we moved in July from north summer to south winter...so they are still waiting :-)
Do you have crafts in a queue? 
Xo, have a nice day! 

1. Blue cotton fabric with white butterflies, I bought it in Buenos Aires, while visiting family. 
2, 3. Blue and white stripes and the one from the right, I bought them in Madrid, in Rives y Casals. If you ever go to Madrid, that shop is amazing for sewing lovers. You can visit their web page by clicking here
4, 5. Multicolor triangles, and blue with white flowers, I´ve bought them on Etsy, in the shop "The Delhi Store". The quality is amazing, I´ve washed them to avoid size changes after sewing and they did not loose a even bit of color. You can visit that shop by clicking here.
6. Beige background with flowers. Is a birthday gift from my mother, she bought it on Etsy too, in the shop "SonSu". Love the quality and texture of this fabric. You can visit this shop by clicking here
7. The one on the right in vertical position is a dress I have to change a bit.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

gifts from Latin America

Hi Folks! 
Yesterday I´ve listed in the shop the bag you can see in the picture in burgundy and off white...and then I realised I definitely want one for my personal use next winter! I would love to combine it with my "never stop wearing" burgundy shoes (Camper) and beige wool jacket (Benetton). People says is better having accessories in neutral colors, to be able to combine them easyly...it sounds reasonable! But in my case, when I have something I like, I combine it with everything for years and becomes my "never stop wearing" :-)
Here you can see some stuff I found on Etsy, from other Latin American shops...a bit for the home, a bit for wearing, it all can perfectly combine with my bag! They can also be that perfect gift you are looking for this Christmas, don´t you think? 
You can see them better by clicking on the name of the shop, take a look and enjoy! 
Have a nice day :-)

1. wool hat, from MitiMota
2. circle scarf, from texturable
3. knitted coin purse, from knitBranda
4. ceramic cup, from MiriHardyPottery
5. knot ring, from indiaylaluna
6. notebook, from GalaBorn
7. gift tags, from 464Handmade
8. Tote bag, from my own etsy shop.

welcome, December!

Incredible but true, December is here! 
Last week literally went away without notice. Time should settle down a bit! December should be a good moment to settle down, because of Christmas and the end of another year. Crazy month plenty of things to do, but really deserves to be apreciated! Hope you enjoy this great month! 

1. some new bags in the shop
2. nice stuf around here
3. tiny paper moons are born while I work
4. love this outfit for this bag
5. last week I decided I needed a pic of me being serious for my profile. I wanted to look more professional, ha! I definitely couldn´t. But has to be said that the photographer laughed more than me!