Wednesday, October 15, 2014

happy birthday to my shop, two years!

Today my shop makes two years since the first opening, and I´m not sure about the way I feel about this!  I have many different feelings, all of them based on the fact that I´m happy with my work. For one side, it seems to me that I´ve always been making bags and selling on Etsy, and for the other side I can´t hardly believe my shop has two years YET!! 
More opposite feelings are for one side seeing how my shop has grown during these two years, and on the other side seeing more ways to grow and things I need to lern, understand and most of all "do" to help my little business grow. Those will be never ending tasks, I guess. 

Two years ago while my shop was opened, we were living in Madrid, one year after that, (on the first anniversary) we were just arrived to Chile, and now we are making a year here already. I´ve also had to close "on vacation" several months for different reasons like moving from Spain to Chile, travels to visit family and weddings, etc etc. But I´m happy seing how my shop have grown, and so thankful because I had the chance to start it. I´m also really thankful to all my customers from the begginings, because they supported my work then, and allow me to develop my products which are so much better now compared with the first ones. I would like to write a letter to each of them saying "thank you so much again", but I don´t want to seem spammy... So, if you are one of them or you know someone, please say thanks for me :-) And of course I´m thankful to all my customers from now too because they are still supporting my work, and all of you who are reading my posts, even if I become a little philosophical sometimes (like this one!). 
Hope you are having a nice week :-) 
PS: Oh, my....I´ve just realised that this blog has also made a year yet and I didn´t even notice. No doubt, time flies!

I´ve been in action in the studio again this month, after a long vacation. 

These are some of the "so many" new bags in my shop. I´ve added the zip totes (finallyyyy!)