Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Buenos Aires and the river

Hello, all! I'm popping in just to say hi :-) and hope you are having a good ending of your summer / winter! 
Well, and, to share with you some pictures I've made during these 12 days I've been in Buenos Aires visiting my family. We have had great time before, during and after my youngest sister´s wedding, and many good family moments that will last on our memories. The one who got married is the youngest as I said. We are eight siblings and I'm the oldest, so I have been feeling kind of "I'm getting old" :-) Those thoughts like "I can perfectly remember her on her diapers and now she is getting married" have been SO really present, he he. 

Something I can say I miss from Buenos Aires (not talking about family and Friends) is the river. We have there the widest river in the world, the "Río de la Plata" that we share with Uruguay on the other shore. I really love that river and despite the cities where I have lived after had rivers, they were so small and I always felt they had not river at all. I think that´s just because on the other side there is just more city, and in Buenos Aires you can´t see the other shore unless you are on a high building by the riverside. So you can feel that on the other side of the river there is "nothing", or stand by the shore thinking that on the other side is the whole world far away waiting to be discovered, and that you are literally in your corner of the world. I remember how funny it was when my husband and some Spanish friends came the first time to BA, they could not avoid talking about "the sea" instead of the river as is really really huge.
Here you have some pics I've made during some walks by the riverside. Obviously the smell of the grass and the water, the silence just hearing the breeze and the soft waves, the soft wind in your face... are things that won't show in the pics, but hope you can imagine :-)
Good bye until the next post! 

Pictures until here were taken in different moments and days in the north sorroundings of the city, where my family lives. The pics below where made in the city, in Puerto Madero. That is a district in Buenos Aires close to downtown that has been recycled some years ago. There it was the old port, that had been abandoned so many years. The new proyect recycled some buildings (mostly the ones with red bricks) and included so many new ones. Something curious about this place is that every street is named after a women. My nephew and niece were really amazed with two old ships we visited, the "Corbeta Uruguay" and "Fragata Sarmiento". 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

on vacation

I don´t know if you saw that my shop is on vacation until late September. We will be going and comming visiting family and receiving visits here so I won´t be able to manage my shop during this time. If I find some free time, maybe I can take the chance to think and plan everything I want to do for my little business in the upcomming time, as I have so many different ideas and need to think about them before deciding in which direction I should go. Of course I will continue making bags, the "new" ideas are related mostly to the materials and process. 
And these past days have been pretty crazy in the studio, finishing some new bags for the fall season, the new zip totes I will (finally!!) add to my shop when I reopen, and also rushing with orders and so much stuff. I realise that I really love what I do, despite I´m so really tired sometimes, I really really like it and I´m so thankful because I have the chance to work in something I love that much. 
Well, I better say good bye until the next post! Here you can see some pics of these past busy days in the studio.