Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fishing afternoons

Fishing afternoons were a normal thing while on vacation with the big family. We can´t say I love fishing, but a big part of the family loves it, so I usually take the chance to walk around and take some pics. The afternoons in the South are long during summer and the light is so soft and nice. 

The day we drove back to Chile we left so early as we had more than 1100 kms ahead. The lighting was so really gorgeous. While crossing the Andes at that latitude we had a little glimpse of how things look after a vulcano eruption (so so little glimpse as the last eruption was 8 months ago, and we´ve just saw the woods, for example). We were so impressed from our ignorance as we really don´t have an idea of the magnitude of the problem, and also loved the signs of hope seeing some green of life growing in the ash. 


  1. so so beautiful sweet Maria...your heart and eye inspire so very much...thanks for sharing. I LOVE seeing that happy Mariabradley bag too. xo


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